Utilisation Of Race Funds

Aquelle Harburg Tour de Krantz hosted by Harburg Neuenkirchen Congregation


Some of the funds raised by the aQuelle Tour de Krantz cycle race (TDK) are used to support the administration of the Harburg Neuenkirchen Congregation (HNC). However, the purpose and motivation for the TDK goes far beyond that! HNC aims to continue the wonderful work carried out within our local communities over the past few years with the help of contributions made possible by the TDK mountain biking and running event. One of the major success stories saw the construction of new classrooms for the Inqolayolwazi Senior Primary School in Appelsbosch, Ozwathini. The basic need and right of every child is an education, but not all are fortunate enough and struggle with limited resources. R50 000 received from the TDK event went towards erecting a new building which contains two classrooms and a movable partition which allows the building to also serve as a hall. 70 school children can be accommodated in the new building.

In 2013 our area suffered a devastating storm which ravaged local community centres. Not only were the Harburg church grounds and Harburg village severely affected, neighbouring rural centres were also hard hit. Funds from the TDK were utilised in various storm ‘clean-up’ and ‘re-build’ projects including repairs to the Harburg Farm Community Church and a new roof for the Dangase Creche.

Finally we have also assisted to upgrade the facilities at the Efaya Creche near Fawn Leas. Without the TDK and the funds raised, the HNC could not have stepped in and helped to uplift the lives of neighbouring communities.