Utilisation Of Race Funds

Tour de Krantz hosted by Harburg Neuenkirchen Congregation


The Tour de Krantz serves as the main fund raiser for the Harburg Neuenkirchen Congregation in support of its ministry work. As part of the event, the Harburg Neuenkirchen Congregation hosts a Fest to raise funds for local charity and congregational projects in the surrounding rural communities.

For the 2018 year these include Helping Hands, an organization that assists Cancer patients, the Rencken Centre, a home for mentally handicapped and Enthuthukeni Crèche.

In the past charities such as the Swayimane Lutheran Church, Inqolayolwazi Senior Primary School in Appelsbosch, Benjamin Generation in New Hanover (an orphanage) as well as the Harburg Outreach Project in Efaye have been helped.

The support given to the various charities has ranged from providing equipment to assisting in the building of new Classrooms and restoration of infrastructure.

In 2016 the funds raised helped buy tables and chairs, educational material, posters for the walls and carpets for the smaller children to play on for the Enthuthkeni Crèche – which helps look after about 100 children between the ages of 3 months and 4 years old, all of which used to previously be accommodated in one classroom with the nap times being held in the Store room.