Catering Information


from 06h30

Egg and bacon rolls with tea or coffee


Cold drinks and water from 6h30

Beer and spirits from 10h00

No alcohol will be sold to under 18ís


from 09h00

Delicious German cakes with tea or coffee


from 11h00

  • Chicken Prego rolls
  • Hot dogs
  • Frankfurters with Pretzels
  • Potato salad, Sauerkraut and spicy red cabbage


  • Pancakes
  • Kartoffelpuffer

Farmer's Market

from 12h00

A selection of delectable homemade and homegrown German produce on sale, including: speciality cakes, processed meats, vegetables and preserves.

An extremely popular event at which items are snatched up at an alarming rate. So, be sure not to miss out!